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HFTP - Compensation/ Benefits

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Thank you in advance for participating in the 2020 HFTP's Compensation & Benefits Survey. As you progress through the survey, please feel free to hit the "Save and Continue" option - you will be emailed a link that allows you return to the same place in the survey and complete remaining questions at your convenience.

Please provide data for as many items as possible. If actual numbers are not available, make the best possible estimate.

All data should be current as of January 1, 2020.

If you have any questions about the study or need any assistance in completing this form, please contact STR at

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Privacy Statement
STR takes the privacy of your information very seriously. All data that you provide to us for this survey will be kept completely confidential, and no individual data will be identifiable in final summaries and/or write-up.

To understand how and why STR uses, manages and protects personal information, please visit our website to review our updated privacy policy. By completing this survey and submitting it to STR you indicate that you have read the policy and that you consent this use. Please note that if you share other individuals’ information with us on this form, we will assume that you have the right to do so. 
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